1. Membership

a) Membership of Communist Students (CS) is based upon acceptance of its political platform and constitution as a framework within which to fight for communism.

b) Members are expected to work within the group at their university, school or college and pay national membership dues.

2. Structure

a) The basic unit of organisation within CS is the university/college/school group. These groups are responsible for undertaking the day to day work of CS. They have autonomy within their sphere of responsibility and should be self-sustaining and constantly striving to take initiatives.

b) Conference is the highest decision making body of CS. It is the only body able to change the political platform and the constitution. Conference is to be held every year.

c) The Executive must give at least one months notice of the date and location of conference to the membership of CS when calling it. Conference elects the Executive which acts as the national leadership of CS between conferences. The Executive should aim to meet at least once a month. The executive will appoint recallable national officers to facilitate its work.

d) Executive meetings are open to all CS members and minutes of those meetings will be made available to all members. Between conferences an Emergency National Meeting can be called by either the Executive or one third of the total membership of CS. The Executive can be held accountable and is recallable by these Emergency National Meetings.

3. Democracy

a) Within CS all decisions are taken by a simple majority vote of all members present at the relevant meeting or committee. Members of CS have both rights and responsibilities. All members of CS are expected to support actions agreed by the majority, attend meetings and distribute its publications.

b) That does not mean that comrades who support a minority position will be gagged. Minorities have the right – and the duty – to fight for their different points of view. They must have the possibility of becoming the majority: they are encouraged to publish their critical viewpoints in CS’s publications and openly fight for their views.

c) Groups of comrades have the right to support alternative platforms and form themselves into temporary or permanent factions.