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Capitalism across the world is in crisis. The ongoing spectre of wars, environmental destruction and poverty is all too apparent. This crisis is not simply down to the greed or corruption of individuals but is endemic to a capitalist system in decline. The need for a higher form of society based upon the principle of human need as opposed to the needs of capital is more obvious than ever. Communist Students believes that Marxism is the best way of understanding the world and changing it.

mayday07Communist Students exists to promote Marxism on our campuses, campaign for democracy in all spheres of life, and fight to replace capitalism with communism. Communism is the emancipation “of all human beings without distinction of sex or race” (Marx). It has nothing to do with the nightmare that was the Soviet Union under the suffocating rule of the hopimanc2bureaucracy. Likewise, other countries that claim the mantle of communism do so dishonestly. We are going to wrest back the word for what it genuinely means – the emancipation of humanity. This can only come about through the agency of the working class, the world’s majority – seperated from the means of production – who have no objective interest in the continuation of this rotting system.

In order to overcome the striking theoretical and organisational failings of today’s left we fight for a radical political culture of democracy and openess. Unlike the rest of the left we encourage our members and supporters to think critically and argue their differences out openly. Only in this way can our class educate itself to the level whereby it can take on the running of society as a whole. Rather than ignore other left groups who we disagree with we engage with them, arguing vigorously for the unity of Marxist students in an openly communist and democratic organisation.

What we fight for

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