National Student Strike: coming to a campus near you this March

From the National Campaign Against Fees and Cuts

The National Campaign Against Fees and Cuts is calling for a National Student Strike this March, in support of a nationwide strike on pensions by the lecturers’ union, UCU, and coinciding with an official walk-out called by the National Union of Students. A date will be announced later this week, along with dates for a lobby of parliament in early March and another week of action in the runup to the walk-out.

In an almost unprecedented move, NUS looks set to call for a national walk-out in mid-late March as part of a strategy to defeat the government’s higher education reforms. NCAFC welcomes this move, and we will now look to build a National Student Strike, with demos, occupations and direct action across the country. We will also be calling a demonstration on the same day as the parliamentary lobby, and put together resources for students to organise strikes and pickets.

In an email sent to student union heads across the country, Liam Burns, NUS President, wrote:

Students’ unions will be able to develop a range of actions that their students want to take, but the aim is clear: let’s clear out the lecture theatres, the seminar rooms, the ITC suites and the libraries and demonstrate clearly that without students, Universities are just empty buildings. Let’s work hard together to show that students care and make the National Walk-Out count.

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