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CS member on Chicago Community Radio

CS executive member Ben Lewis was the guest on last Tuesday’s Radical Minds show on WHPK, a community radio station broadcasting in Chicago (stream after the jump). Ben was invited to discuss the tumultuous history of the German worker’s movement, and specifically his recently published translation of the speeches of Zinoviev and Martov at the 1920 Halle conference of the ... read this post

A victorious debate

The 1920 Halle congress of the Independent Social Democrats of Germany (USPD) was a turning point for our movement. It was also a moment of triumph for Grigory Zinoviev. This is an excerpt from Ben Lewis’s introduction to a new book, ‘Zinoviev and Martov: head to head in Halle’

Between October 12 and 17 1920, the debates fought out at ... read this post

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We are an autonomous organisation in Britain committed to promoting the ideas of Marxism, campaigning for democracy in all spheres of life and fighting to replace capitalism with communism.

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