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Struggles in Iran 3 – Mayday Reports

Below is a collection of some of the struggles that are going on within Iran at this time. As the situation is constantly changing we hope to keep as many people up to date with bulletins when we can get them out. There are many practical things you can do as an individual or as an organisation to help those ... read this post

Mayday in Iran – Free All Political Prisoners!

On international workers day students, workers and women are gathering in Laleh Park, Tehran and across Iran to protest against imperialism, the economic crisis and the authoritarian theocratic state. The regime has done everything in it can since coming to power to put an end to the demonstrations, arrests, torture and the threat of executions are common place.

News has ... read this post

Yassamine Mather speaks on ‘Iran and imperialism’ at Communist University North

Yassamine Mather, of Hands Off the People of Iran, will also be speaking at the week long Communist University event in London in August 9 – 16. For more details click here.

Also, Hands of the People of Iran is organising a weekend school for Saturday-Sunday, June 14-15. For more details click here.
... read this post

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