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Watch the Matgamna-Machover debate

The long-awaited debate between Worker's Liberty patriarch Sean Matgamna, professed Zionist and opponent of troops out now, and Israeli socialist Moshe Machover (HOPI and CMP) finally happened on 12th October. The subject was 'Israel, the Palestinians, and Iran', though Matgamna studiously avoids any mention of Iran. The outrage caused by his recent article excusing an ...

Hands Off the People of Iran Bulletin

HANDS OFF THE PEOPLE OF IRAN BULLETIN Drop the charges against Anooshe Azadbar! www.hopoi.org Over the summer months HOPI has been doing patient work, building up our contacts and supporters in Britain, Iran and around the world. The coming months will be very busy for HOPI. With freshers fayres, meetings and demonstrations taking place. We ask all supporters ...

Communist University 2008 – report

Sessions on fascism, feminism, and 1968, and openly expressed differences between CPGBers, were some of the many aspects of this year’s Communist University, writes Mary Godwin

from Weekly Worker 734

You can watch videos of CU here.

Communist University 2008 represented another small step in the long fight to build the sort of Marxist party the working class in Britain needs. Around 200 comrades attended over the week with between 30 and 60 at each of the 22 sessions.

Videos from CU North 2008

Iran and imperialism Yassamine Mather from Hands Off The People Of Iran speaks on Iran and imperialism at Communist University North on May 3 2008. What is the Marxist programme? A debate between Mike Macnair of the Communist Party of Great Britain and Mark Hoskisson of Permanent Revolution. Mike opens the discussion and is then followed by Mark. ...

Video of CS candidates for Sheffield 08

CS stood two candidates for elections to the student union executive at Sheffield University. These videos were taken at the hustings event where candidates are given one-minute speeches and one-minute responses to two cherry-picked questions! Ted North and Laurie Smith- CS candidates for Education Officer and President