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We are the alternative to austerity!

Callum Williamson looks forward to the biggest demonstration of working class power for decades

There are obvious reasons why students should support striking workers (many of whom work in education) this Wednesday. On the specific issue of pensions, it is clearly not in the interests of the working class majority – of which most students are a part – for ... read this post

London Metropolitan University occupation report

Around 4pm on Tuesday afternoon around 30 students from London Metropolitan University (LMU) staged occupied the fifth floor of a University building on Commercial Road. The occupation took place in the context of threats to axe over 550 jobs at the institution. The university is greeted with massive bills from the Higher Education Funding Council for England (HEFCE) following the... read this post

Ignore or engage? Lessons from the wildcat strikes

After the victory of the wildcat strike at the Lindsey refinery, James Turley draws some lessons

Let us begin with the story so far. On January 28, 800 workers at Lindsey oil refinery in Killingholme walked out illegally. They were protesting against the ‘dumping’ of 200 workers of Italian and Portuguese origin in order to fulfil a construction contract at ... read this post

Support the Teachers and Lecturers Strike!

CS executive statement on the teacher’s strike called for tomorrow, Thursday 24th April. The strike is being called by the National Union of Teachers (NUT) and the University and College Union (UCU) in protest at low pay.

Communist Students calls on all students to support the striking teachers, lecturers and civil servants. Further Education lecturers are on strike because they ... read this post

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