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Storms and teacups

Both the media and bourgeois politicians want us to concentrate on personal strengths and weaknesses. But that is not the main issue, argues James Turley

The British election season is heating up, in more ways than one.

Firstly, and most prominently displayed in the last week, the dirty tricks are getting dirtier. Gordon Brown has become the subject of bullying ... read this post

The G20 and continued US-UK domination

Running out of road James Turley looks at the G20 and continued US-UK domination

Over the weekend, finance ministers and officials from the G20 group of industrialised states met in London, ahead of a summit of G20 leaders in Pittsburgh later this month.

The result of the meeting is, to say the least, very telling. The main talking point was ... read this post

Crisis cannot be offloaded

James Turley writes that we need an internationalist response to the capitalist crisis

When the present economic crisis first began to bite, the bourgeois press – and the left – used up a lot of ink discussing how deep it would turn out to be. Would it be as bad as the 1997 Asian financial collapse, the 1987 crash on ... read this post

Brown’s recovery and the global downturn

Ted North examines the new-look, progressive, Keynesian Brown

Whilst it is typical media hyperbole to claim that Gordon Brown has a “new-found status as a global financial leviathan”, it is clear that major political changes are afoot (Sunday Herald November 10).

Tacking left

An end to the troubles and downward spiral of the Labour Party seemed unlikely just a couple ... read this post

Labour and the return to Keynes

James Turley examines the ‘Brown Bounce’

Back when Gordon Brown assumed the reins of government in 2007, Labour’s poll ratings shot up.

He was, after all, replacing the by then almost universally reviled Tony Blair; he had under his belt a decade as an apparently competent chancellor and a cryptic reputation for being to the left of Blair on key ... read this post

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