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Gays and the left – part 2


You can now read the second and concluding part of the symposium on 'Gays and the left' from the New Politics journal. It can be accessed here: http://www.newpol.org/ We published an introduction to the first part here: http://communiststudents.org.uk/2008/10/gays-and-the-left/ Comrades might also be interested to look at the archives of Gay Left, a journal produced by gay men ...

Gays and the Left

Gay Liberation Day

Comrades at the US based New Politics journal have produced the first part of a useful 'Symposium on Gays and the Left'. Gay liberation is an issue that much of the left has historically neglected, and even today groups like the SWP can dismiss fighting for gay rights as a "shibboleth" that can be junked ...