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The Arab spark and uprisings in the Middle East

Manchester CS public meeting 6pm, Thursday 20th October Cameron Committee Room on 3rd floor of MMU **Meeting postponed on 13th October** The Middle East and North Africa have seen a wave of uprisings against decades-old dictatorships which sought to stifle all dissent. Oppression and grinding exploitation at the hands of both local tyrants and Western capital lies behind the ...

The capitalist crisis

Manchester CS public meeting 6pm, Thursday 29th September Cameron Committee Room on 3rd floor of MMU What began with a 'few bad apples' in the finance sector has been revealed as a full-blown crisis of global capitalism, and the working class is being made to pay. What are the particular features of this crisis, and how can communists ...

The Student Protests: A Year On

Manchester CS public meeting 6pm, Thursday 22nd Sept Cameron Committee Room on 3rd floor of MMU An introduction will be given by a CS member heavily involved in the student movement of last year and we are hoping a good debate and discussion will follow the initial talk. Contact us for more info: manchestercommuniststudents@googlemail.com

Marxism as a guide to action

As the new term started, Manchester CS found that the mood has changed on campus, writes Chris Strafford. As students flooded back the Manchester branch of Communist Students was out to greet them. Apart from the usual conversations about Stalin, the Soviet Union and Cuba, many wanted to discuss the cuts, not just in higher education ...

CS election results at UMSU

Chris Strafford reports on an artistic and engaging campaign Communist Students stood two candidates in last week’s elections to the University of Manchester student union: Cat Rylance for general secretary and Robi Folkard for academic affairs. Cat won 17% of the vote on a communist platform which stressed democracy - within the student movement, the university ...

Communists in the French Resistance with Matthew Cobb

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Part 1 (click Read More for part 2)

Matthew Cobb, lifelong communist and author of ‘Resistance: The French Fight Against the Nazi’s’ spoke on the role of communists in the movement to expel the Nazi occupiers and overthrow the colloborationist government under Marshall Petain. He gave comrades an account of the myriad of resistance groups and the oppression they faced both in the occupied and non-occupied zone.

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