Student day in Iran – 7 December

In Iran, December 7th is the anniversary of the murder of three students of the University of Tehran in 1953, by Iranian police under the Shah. Every year there are national and local demonstrations at many universities organised by students. Over recent years the demonstrations have taken a more critical line against the current regime, which organises its own demonstrations. Government backed militias and the police routinely attack student demonstrations and sit-ins. These protests represent the struggle against the imperialist warmongers and the reactionary regime.

We support Student Day as it commemorates three students Ahmad Ghandchi, Bozorg-Nia and Shariat-Razavi who opposed imperialist domination and monarchist tyranny. They died protesting Richard Nixon visiting Iran, following the American and British sponsored coup d’etat which overthrew the nationalist regime of Mohammed Mosaddegh.

Last year, Student Day was a key date in Iran during the demonstrations which followed the fraudulent Presidential elections.

We call on all student groups to publish messages of support for Student Day. We call for all political prisoners to be released, freedom of organisation and freedom of assembly. We also call on the left, especially in the West, to oppose the imperialist sanctions and war against Iran as the threats, the siege and military action undermine the ability of workers, students and the oppressed to fight for their freedom.

Our fight is an international fight, a victory for the students and workers in Iran or France is a victory for us all. Moreover, we will never overthrow capitalism without uniting across artificial national boundaries. Our comrades in Iran have been a source of inspiration and radicalism for communists in the UK and we again state our unshakeable commitment to internationalism and solidarity with the students of Iran fighting for freedom and equality.

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