The Arab spark and uprisings in the Middle East

Manchester CS public meeting
6pm, Thursday 20th October
Cameron Committee Room on 3rd floor of MMU

**Meeting postponed on 13th October**

The Middle East and North Africa have seen a wave of uprisings against decades-old dictatorships which sought to stifle all dissent. Oppression and grinding exploitation at the hands of both local tyrants and Western capital lies behind the recent struggles, in which the working class has been a critical, if often overlooked force. What are the immediate prospects and tasks for the working class movement, which has been ruthlessly suppressed for so long? And in the longer term, do the commonalities of the Arab world provide the basis for a ‘socialist federation’ of the Middle East, as a step toward world communism?

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  • No, the Arab Spring is nothing to do with socialism/communism. It is a dispute between those who wish to run capitalism in that region.

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