National event: Fighting For Marxism On Campus

Saturday October 17 2009

Manchester University Student Union, Oxford Road

Meeting Room 1, 10am – 6pm

Karl Marx: News of the Coming RevoltCapitalism is in its deepest crisis since the 1930s. The world is at an historic turning point. The crisis comes at an enormous human cost – soaring unemployment, house repossessions, wage cuts and attacks on basic services and social security provision. The so-called third world has been particularly hit, with an extra 50 million people expected to live in absolute poverty.

With the onset of this global economic crisis, Karl Marx has found himself back in the mainstream press, as even sections of the capitalist class look to him for an understanding of their system.

We in Communist Students also turn to Marx and his method – not in order to prop up the moribund capitalist system, but in order to understand it and fight for a complete transformation of all existing social conditions.

Communist Students organise around the principles of Marxism because we think that they are uniquely able to come to grips with capitalism’s origins, rise to maturity, long decline and structural crisis. Marxism is both intellectually rigorous and yet its basic propositions are easy for anyone to grasp; because Marxism is both immensely inspiring in scope and thoroughly realistic in its aim of universal human liberation led by the self-emancipation of the working class majority.

Come and join CS in discussing what it is that makes the capitalist system tick, and how we can educate, agitate and organise in order to contribute to its overthrow.


1. A world in crisis: how can Marxism help us to understand and change it?

2. Internationalism: what does it mean and why do we emphasise it? With a speaker reporting on the current situation in Iran.

3. Communist Students: Who we are, what we fight for and why we fight for it

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