Don’t cut us! Cut the wedding! Tax the rich!

Where: The Mall and Parliament Square, London (map)
Callout below;
The British establishment want us to celebrate the grotesque extravagance of the marriage of a ‘prince’ to a ‘princess’. This medieval theatre is an insult to millions of people living in poverty and suffering from Tory cuts. Help to make the ‘fairytale wedding’ the last royal wedding. Don’t cut us! Cut the wedding! Tax the rich! Abolish the monarchy! Expropriate the land, property and estates of the royals! ……….. This event is a proposal aimed at encouraging mass participation in the official events on the day of the wedding in order to engage the country in a debate on the cuts and the abolition of the monarchy. If you agree with this proposal, raise it in your union, student meeting, anti-cuts group etc. Show the world there is another Britain, progressive and republican!

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