CS Conference, April 2-3

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2010 saw an unprecedented wave of student protest, this was followed in 2011 by a series of mass protest in the Middle East. The student movement has been a breath of fresh air. Now, in order to ensure that this energy is harnessed and not frittered away, we now have to ensure that we build up permanent organisations of struggle, organise students and win majority support in the battle against capitalist austerity.

Quite clearly, we are not living in ‘normal’ times. With the global economic crisis continuing to shape and colour world politics, we have seen millions of people across the Middle East bravely step into action against the various corrupt regimes imposed on them in a region balkanised by imperialism.
Frustratingly, the obvious objective necessity of a higher form of society encounters an enormous obstacle in the absence of the subjective – a serious, viable and mass alternative to this system. To the extent that our comrades on the left have ‘solutions’, these tend to revolve around rehashing some of the most failed, conservative non-solutions advocated in the twentieth century: Keynesianism, nationalism and reformism. The need for a revolutionary alternative to this rotten system could not be greater.

As always, the question is posed of politics and organisation. Thus, our conference will not simply be a talking shop where we tell you all about how nasty David Cameron is and how bad the cuts are – we all know this. No, our conference will tackle the bigger questions head on: how can we locate the current crisis of capitalism historically? What are the prospects for the uprising in the Arab world? How can the student left move beyond its current debilitating divisions, a situation where left unity is only conceived as possible in rather uninspiring ‘broad front’ anti-fees and anti-cuts campaigns?

As always, the question posed is one of politics and political organisation – which is why Communists Students exists. We fight implacably for the unity of revolutionaries around a clear and undiluted political platform that has a vision beyond capitalism – winning the battle of democracy to usher in a society where the madness of the profit motive is consigned to the dustbin of history.

We would like to invite you to our annual conference on April 2-3 in Manchester to discuss some of these burning issues. The year ahead is set to be one rife with class struggle.

With communist greetings

Communist Students Executive

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