A Revolutionary History of Germany Discussion Series


Manchester Communist Students is launching a series on ‘A Revolutionary History of Germany’ with speakers from across the country and the Left. Everyone is welcome to attend, we always meet every tuesday at 6.30pm at the University of Manchester Students’ Union in Meeting room 2 or 3. Below is a provisional list of dates and subjects: 

 09/02-  1848: Revolution and Counter – Revolution

16/02-  A mass Marxist party in formation: The  SPD til 1914

02/03-  The First World War and the German Revolution 

 16/03-  The Fomation of the Communist Party of Germany and the struggle against Fascism 

30/04-  Post-War Germany, the GDR and Red Army Faction (film showing The Baader-Meinhof Complex) 

13/04-  The German Left today and the rise of Die Linke

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