Letter to AEIP and ENS on left unity

Below is a letter which we emailed to both Another Education is Possible and Education Not for Sale on January 29.

Dear comrades,

we understand that Another Education is Possible and Education Not for Sale are in talks, along with Daf Adley (NUS LGBT Chair) and Bellavia Ribeiro-Addy (NUS Black students Chair), about the possiblity of standing a united left slate in elections at NUS conference.

We in Communist Students view it as positive that comrades from across the student left are once again considering the issue of left unity – which is vital if we are to have a serious impact upon NUS conference and within the student movement generally. On behalf of the Communist Students Executive I am writing to inform you that we would also like to be involved in any talks that take place regarding the formation of a united left slate and any other moves towards left unity within the student movement. We ask that you keep us informed of any meetings or other discussions that are convened to discuss this process.

We also suggest that in order to try and achieve the greatest possible left unity for any election slate – and maximum impact and effectiveness – that other groups from the student are also invited to take part in this process. Groups invited should certainly include Socialist Students and Workers Power/Revolution. We recognise that not all groups will be able to stand candidates as part of any united left slate, but it is fundamentally important that we all engage in a political discussion about a principled platform that the left can launch a united fight for within NUS and the student movement. To this end we also urge that any discussions are conducted in as open and inclusive a manner as possible in order to facilitate the maximum involvement of all left student activists.

We look forward to your response.

Dave Isaacson – on behalf of the Communist Students Executive.


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