• Hi, I post some brief remarks here.

    First of all, am I correct if I think that this is a step backwards in terms of layout? And why is it only free? I think it would be far better to write that it is free -but!- it can also be sold for a small donation. We should encourage people to support politics by either direct involvement or by giving a donation.

    And second, I agree with most of its contents but the last bit of Callums original article should’ve been included. Because, while its true that – as Cat writes – the weakness of the student movement is to be located in our own organisational weaknesses, it’s also a matter of the working class organising itself in addition to our own propaganda work.

    Our politics is about facilitating the partial entry of the masses on the political stage before and in preparation of the outbreak of revolutionary crisis, through building mass workers’ organisations. That can only be done with the adoption and active support for some of the basic minimum demands that you removed from the article.

  • Hi Thomas, thanks for taking the time to comment.

    I designed CS11- sorry you don’t like the look of the mag this time. We usually end up throwing them together quite quickly- and we have a lack of artistic talent too! Perhaps you could expand on what you dislike…

    Point taken about money- previously the mag has said free/donation, but I wanted to simplify things this time… you’re probably right though, and we certainly need the cash.

    As for Callum’s article, like the others it was heavily edited so we could fit in everything we wanted. You’re right that it does suffer from the lack of concrete demands- in hindsight we should maybe have removed another bit instead. Comrades can read the unedited version here:

    If you yourself do any graphic design I would be more than happy to receive art for future editions / the website.

  • When will the next issue be coming out and will you try to recruit a student this year with artistic talent?

  • Hi Steve,

    no plans as yet but often a new CS appears at the start of the year. As for your second question, we will try our best! Unless you are volunteering to help with the design, of course…!

  • I’ll look out for the new one but as for helping out I’m afraid I don’t have much flair there either. But yeah the front cover is so important to a mag/paper as that is what really sells it.
    I like the cover of the last one, it’s quite bold and striking the images.

  • just downloaded the issue,will definitely comment after reading.just two questions.
    1)i myself am attached with a student’s organization in west bengal,and we are planning our activities for campaigning against neoliberal education,in that respect would love to be reported about your organizational activities,programmes,campaign materials etc.
    2)have you published any booklet/material on neo liberal education system?

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