Listen to Lars T Lih on ‘Bringing back Bolshevism to the Bolshevik revolution’

Recorded at the London Communist Forum hosted by the CPGB on November 11 2012. Lars T Lih is a leading scholar of the Russian Revolution whose work challenges many myths of both establishment and left thought, like the Bolshevik ‘party of a new type’. Highly recommended.

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Listen to Mark Fisher on ‘Capitalist realism & education’

Recorded at the meeting organised by Communist Students & the CPGB on Monday 22nd of October.

Mark Fisher’s intro:

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Replying to the debate:

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CS member on Chicago Community Radio

CS executive member Ben Lewis was the guest on last Tuesday’s Radical Minds show on WHPK, a community radio station broadcasting in Chicago (stream after the jump). Ben was invited to discuss the tumultuous history of the German worker’s movement, and specifically his recently published translation of the speeches of Zinoviev and Martov at the 1920 Halle conference of the ... read this post

Audio: Debate on Labour at CS conference

At the 2011 conference of Communist Students a debate was held on the attitude of communists to the Labour Party. This was in response to criticism of the CS executive’s decision to affiliate to the LRC, which led to a lot of discussion online- see below for the articles which started the debate.

James Turley argued that while Labour has ... read this post

Dilution and dogmatism- London CS

[audio:] In this session of our educational series on party & programme, James Turley looks firstly at programmes which are 'broad', that dilute Marxist politics to try and make quick gains (reading: the programme of TUSC), and then the opposite; those that are 'fat', absurdly long and dogmatic (reading: contents page of the ABC's of communism). Recorded on 17-03-10. Listen with the player above or Download the mp3 here (18MB)

Transitional Programme- London CS

[audio:] This is an introduction to Leon Trotsky's Transitional Programme, given to London branch by CS member Nick Jones as part of our educational programme. Recorded on 10-03-10. Listen with the player above or Download the mp3 here (22MB)

The Socialist Solutions to the Israel-Palestine Conflict by Moshé Machover (voice files)

Moshé Machover

On December 1st Manchester Communist Students hosted Israeli socialist and anti-Zionist Moshé Machover at the University of Manchester Students’ Union. This talk focuses on comrade Machover’s understanding that the oppression faced by Palestinians cannot be overcome without a change in the balance of forces on a regional scale. He also discusses his understanding of colonialism, either being exclusionary ... read this post

Communists in the French Resistance with Matthew Cobb

[audio:French-resistance1.mp3] Part 1 (click Read More for part 2) Matthew Cobb, lifelong communist and author of ‘Resistance: The French Fight Against the Nazi’s’ spoke on the role of communists in the movement to expel the Nazi occupiers and overthrow the colloborationist government under Marshall Petain. He gave comrades an account of the myriad of resistance groups and the oppression they faced both in the occupied and non-occupied zone.

Close to Power? The revolt of 1968

[audio:France-1968.mp3] Mark Harrison, member of CS and the Commune, gives an overview of the 1968 uprising in France and discusses its weaknesses and lessons for today.

Marx and the Lessons of the Paris Commune

[audio:Paris-commune.mp3] Part 1 (click Read More for part 2) CPGB member Chris Strafford discusses the Lessons of the Paris Commune as part of Manchester Communist Students series on revolutionary France.

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