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Manchester CS

Manchester CS has been involved in the anti war movement through Hands Off the People of Iran and Stop the War Coalition. We’ve also participated in anti deportation campaigns, workers’ solidarity, women’s liberation campaigns and much more.

We welcome communists, socialists and activists from other groups to come and get involved and nearly all of our meetings are open and relaxed with an emphasis on group learning and the clarification on Marxist ideas.

Contact us for more info: info@communiststudents.org.uk

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Past Meetings

The International Student Movement

General Strike! Lessons from the class struggle in France

An introduction to ‘Left Communism’ (with the ICC)

The struggle for communism is the struggle for democracy

Stalinism is anti-communism

Marxism and Human Nature

Older Stuff:

A Revolutionary History of Germany Discussion Series

Revolutionary France Discussion Series

The Socialist solutions to the Israel-Palestine conflict

Fighting for Marxism on Campus (National Event)

Was Karl Marx right?

Marxism, Crisis and Youth

Reaction and Revolution in Bolivia

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