The Socialist Solutions to the Israel-Palestine Conflict by Moshé Machover (voice files)

Moshé Machover

Moshé Machover

On December 1st Manchester Communist Students hosted Israeli socialist and anti-Zionist Moshé Machover at the University of Manchester Students’ Union. This talk focuses on comrade Machover’s understanding that the oppression faced by Palestinians cannot be overcome without a change in the balance of forces on a regional scale. He also discusses his understanding of colonialism, either being exclusionary (e.g. America) or exploitative (e.g. South Africa) and argues that the project of Zionist colonialism takes the form of exclusion, which essentially amounts to ethnic cleansing.

Manchester CS recorded Moshé’s opening and can be found below:
Part 1:

Part 2:

Our voice files from our recent meetings can be found at these websites:

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