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Tony Benn: The moderate extremist

Paul Demarty examines the legacy of a tireless champion of the Labour left
Tony Benn: from centre to left

The death of Tony Benn, after a long illness, was announced on March 14, to cap off a cruel week for the British left: Bob Crow of the Rail, Maritime and Transport union had died earlier last week, and we had … read this post

Climate change: Overcoming the division

apocoplyse-UKflood1 small

Robert Eagleton offers his comments on the floods that have hit south-west England

Over the past few months floods have laid waste to parts of the south-west; the majority of the destruction has occurred in the counties of Devon, Cornwall and Somerset, where thousands of hectares of land have been covered in water. Since December last year 7,500 properties have … read this post

Sussex: Autonomists in ‘feelgood’ attack on SWP

Not the answer

Tom Munday on the turning over of an SWP stall and the burning of their papers at Sussex university

Hurrah for the autonomists! Hurrah for the comrades bringing revolution to the campuses of Sussex last week, felling the dastardly Socialist Workers Party and purging its bilious propaganda with fire! Also there was some kind of political rally going on … … read this post

IS Network: Unity in the spring?


IS Network is in trouble again. Daniel Harvey looks at the regroupment efforts by the marsh

For those pulling out of the Socialist Worker’s Party into an uncertain political future, an unedifying prospect greets them in the shape of the previous split from earlier this year, now calling itself the International Socialist Network. Women’s liberation has become a political football … read this post

Cops, lefts and anarchos on campus


Last week saw an outbreak of student protest. Daniel Harvey reports


The sudden re-ignition of student protest on campuses began on December 5, when students from the University of London began an occupation of Senate House Library in Bloomsbury. A set of demands blasted the “undemocratic and unaccountable” university management, and announced the solidarity of the students with outsourced … read this post

Managers and the state on the offensive on campus

Police violence during the eviction of the ULU occupation

Callum Williamson looks at the latest assaults on the student movement

University managements are clearly attempting to tighten the parameters of what is deemed as acceptable protest on campus. In collaboration with the police they have set about to intimidate dissenting students taking part in protests over the last three weeks through arrests, physical coercion, suspensions and fines. This campaign … read this post

Swamp things get together

Daniel Harvey examines the politics underlying recent regroupment efforts

The International Socialist Network’s October 26-27 ‘politics conference’ saw a left ‘grouping’ (actually too disorganised to be a faction in the proper sense) around Tim Nelson and Paris Thomson narrowly winning votes against the right (led loosely by Richard Seymour) on rank-and-file strategy and on any immediate regroupment with Socialist Resistance…. read this post

Making common cause

Callum Williamson on the offensive against university workers and students

The strike action taking place in universities across the UK this week follows the refusal of the University and Colleges Employers Association (UCEA) to resume national negotiations with Unite, Unison, the University and College Union, the Educational Institute of Scotland and the GMB (the last two of which are not … read this post

SWP and women: Countless zigs and zags over women’s oppression

The central committee claims that the SWP has a consistent record of fighting for women’s liberation. Former SWP national committee member Dave Isaacson sheds light on the not so excellent truth

Women’s liberation: a class question

Firstly I must say that I do not think that the massive crisis currently taking hold of the Socialist Workers Party – while clearly … read this post

National Student Strike: coming to a campus near you this March

From the National Campaign Against Fees and Cuts

The National Campaign Against Fees and Cuts is calling for a National Student Strike this March, in support of a nationwide strike on pensions by the lecturers’ union, UCU, and coinciding with an official walk-out called by the National Union of Students. A date will be announced later this week, along with dates for … read this post

We are the alternative to austerity!

Callum Williamson looks forward to the biggest demonstration of working class power for decades

There are obvious reasons why students should support striking workers (many of whom work in education) this Wednesday. On the specific issue of pensions, it is clearly not in the interests of the working class majority – of which most students are a part – for … read this post

Cuts and cat-fights

As I write, commentary on the ongoing Conservative Party conference is focused not on David Cameron’s ‘can-do optimism’, not on the news that effectively the wheels have fallen off George Osborne’s economic strategy, with the estimate for UK economic growth over April-June cut to 0.1%, and not even on the impending euro zone catastrophe. No, it has been focused on … read this post

Off-colour Blairites

Ed Miliband is being attacked from the right, argues James Turley.

It is a commonplace these days that politics – like more or less everything else – has been ruined by spin and PR. The roll-call of villains and debacles is well storied: Alastair Campbell, Andy Coulson and even the makers of the dodgy Iraq dossier have gone down in … read this post

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