Video: Robert Eagleton’s speech at NUS conference


Communist Students member Robert Eagleton is standing for the Block of 15 which forms part of the leadership of the National Union of Students. This was his speech to conference. Results will be announced on Monday, so check back here for updates.

Video streaming by Ustream… read this post

Fighting for Marxism

Communist Students member Robert Eagleton outlines the platform he is standing on for the National Union of Students ‘Block of 15’

From April 8 to 10 students from across Britain will gather in Liverpool for the annual conference of the National Union of Students. This year, comrades in Communist Students have decided to stand me as a candidate in the … read this post

Tony Benn: The moderate extremist

Paul Demarty examines the legacy of a tireless champion of the Labour left
Tony Benn: from centre to left

The death of Tony Benn, after a long illness, was announced on March 14, to cap off a cruel week for the British left: Bob Crow of the Rail, Maritime and Transport union had died earlier last week, and we had … read this post

An Intransigent Fighter

Bob Crow, June 13 1961 – March 11 2014
Bob Crow: a loss for the working class

The death of Bob Crow, general secretary of the Rail, Maritime and Transport union and one of the most intransigent fighters for the rights of trade union members, represents a serious blow to the working class movement. Comrade Crow died suddenly, aged 52, … read this post

Storms, floods and a deluge of crap

Winds, floods and the revenge of nature

Natural flood management is part of the solution, not dredging. But if we seriously want to preserve and restore nature, argues Eddie Ford, then we need to
challenge capitalism

Parts of southern and central England have experienced the wettest January since Met Office statistics began in 1910 and, according to the Radcliffe Meteorological Station in Oxford University, the deluge for … read this post

Climate change: Overcoming the division

apocoplyse-UKflood1 small

Robert Eagleton offers his comments on the floods that have hit south-west England

Over the past few months floods have laid waste to parts of the south-west; the majority of the destruction has occurred in the counties of Devon, Cornwall and Somerset, where thousands of hectares of land have been covered in water. Since December last year 7,500 properties have … read this post

The forgotten ally and friend


Rease Higgs responds to the AWL’s defence of its behaviour over ‘comrade Alpha’

Predictably, my article highlighting the Alliance for Workers’ Liberty’s opportunist and hypocritical behaviour in the National Campaign Against Fees and Cuts last week,1 triggered an immediate response. Ed Maltby, an executive committee member, was told to talk privately to those who appeared troubled by it. One … read this post

Conference 2014: Fighting for Marxist Ideas

sm communism-revolution_00298413

Communist Students held its annual conference at the University of Westminster at the weekend, with a focus on gathering and galvanising our forces for the year ahead.

Following a difficult couple of years for the organisation in the wake of an acrimonious yet largely apolitical split in the Summer of 2012, the organisation has been just about kept alive through … read this post

Pot calls kettle black


After months of infighting the Socialist Party in England and Wales pulled out of the NCAFC. But the fallout exposes the hypocrisy and cynicism of the Alliance for Workers’ Liberty, writes Rease Higgs

Anyone familiar with student politics and the National Campaign Against Fees and Cuts will not be surprised that it has descended into turmoil after the Socialist Party … read this post

Time to take principles seriously


The Socialist Platform’s claim to the mantle of principled politics is entirely bogus, says Daniel Harvey

Some may recall that on September 14 2013 the drafters of Left Unity’s Socialist Platform in Left Unity and their supporters found themselves voting against basic principles like extreme democracy, opposition to the bourgeois constitution, working class formations being organised “democratically, not bureaucratically”, “human … read this post

CS Newsletter 22nd December 2013

This email newsletter was sent to CS contacts gathered over the last year. If you would like to receive future mailshots, you can subscribe here.

Dear comrade,

We are writing to you as you have expressed an interest in our organisation, Communist Students. CS is an autonomous Marxist organisation that aims to promote the ideas of Communism amongst students of … read this post

Sussex: Autonomists in ‘feelgood’ attack on SWP

Not the answer

Tom Munday on the turning over of an SWP stall and the burning of their papers at Sussex university

Hurrah for the autonomists! Hurrah for the comrades bringing revolution to the campuses of Sussex last week, felling the dastardly Socialist Workers Party and purging its bilious propaganda with fire! Also there was some kind of political rally going on … … read this post

IS Network: Unity in the spring?


IS Network is in trouble again. Daniel Harvey looks at the regroupment efforts by the marsh

For those pulling out of the Socialist Worker’s Party into an uncertain political future, an unedifying prospect greets them in the shape of the previous split from earlier this year, now calling itself the International Socialist Network. Women’s liberation has become a political football … read this post

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